Bulgarian visa

you can get on the website of the Bulgarian visa center Official information on obtaining Bulgarian visas. And the most important points that should be paid attention to are listed on this page.

See. Bulgarian visa for property owners.

Important: Visa (even at 2 and 3 years) is issued based on the tickets. Getting the visa coincides with the date of departure for tickets. Even if you are the owner of the property - you can not get a visa, "just like that, for the future."

Proof of residence

To obtain a tourist Bulgarian visa you must have a confirmation of booking of the travel company.

If you are coming to visit, in the apartment of his friends or acquaintances, you must have a notarized authorization from them that they give you the right to live in their apartment with an indication of the period of residence. Tickets

availability is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa "there" and "back". If you have not yet decided on the date of return - you can buy a ticket with an open date.

If you order a ticket through a travel agency or online - you can submit an electronic ticket or confirmation of booking tickets from the travel agency.

Evidence of financial soundness

To confirm whether you have the necessary financial means, you can submit a certificate from the employer on the salary (the original printing), or a statement from your bank account (with the name of the account holder) or a certificate of purchase of foreign currency (in your name).

If you are coming from a wealthy relative (parent or child) - must be a sponsorship letter from them. This letter is written in a free form, but must be supported by proof of financial solvency of who you are sponsoring (see. The previous paragraph).

For children

If the child leaves with one of the parents or own passport - you must have a notarized permission to export the child from the remaining parent.

Health insurance

The policy can be issued directly to the visa center, or draw in any insurance company (mandatory condition - the amount of insurance coverage must be at least 30 thousand euros.). The average cost of the policy 1 Euro per day.

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