Urban transport

St.Vlas is connected with the nearest cities - Sunny Beach and Nessebar direct bus service.

In Sunny beach every 20 minutes there is a bus number 5. Its final stop is the bus station in Sunny beach, from where long-distance buses depart to the largest cities of Bulgaria, including Burgas and Varna. Another final stop is on the border of St.Vlas (near the residential complex "Etara").

схема 5 маршрута автобуса

Bus number 8 leaves for Nessebar every 30 minutes. It also passes through Sunny beach and its bus station.

схема 8 маршрута автобуса

Bus schedule

Route 5. St.Vlas - Nessebar

The bus schedule is set from the" reference points " - Nessebar, Sunny beach, St.Vlas.

The bus route 5 from the town leaves at 7:00, 8:00, and then every 40 minutes until 22:40. The last bus is 23: 20.

From the station in Sunny beach to 6:15, 6:45, 7:15, 7:40, 8:00, 8:20, then every 40 minutes till 23:40. The last bus is 24: 30.

From Sunny beach (towards Nessebar) - 5:45, 6:30, 7:00, 7:35, 8:00, 8:20, 8:40, 9:00, then every 40 minutes till 23:40. The last buses depart at 24:00 and 24:30.

Route 8. Nessebar-Sunny beach-Elenite

From Nessebar, the bus leaves from 9:00 to 23: 00 every 40 minutes.

From the station Sunny beach-at 8: 40, then from 9:20 to 23: 20 every 40 minutes.

From Elenite from 9: 10 to 23:10 every 40 minutes, and the last - at 23: 40.

The fare on the bus

The minimum fare, the fare in the city or in Sunny beach - 1.20 Leva.

From St.Vlas to Nessebar-2,20 BGN.

From St.Vlas to Elenite or located near Fort Knox - 2,50.


The price of a taxi trip may vary 3 (three) times! What is the official tariffs.

The price tag is located on the rear side window. In the resort towns you will see only a taxi with prices of 3.00 leva per kilometer, but in the city, for example in Burgas there is a taxi where the kilometer is only 1 Lev.

Thus, from Burgas to St.Vlas can be officially reached for 40 leva (20 Euros), but you need to book a taxi by phone.

Blame this taxi drivers also can not, because the license to work in the resorts is 840 leva per season. That is, in fact, 30 leva a day taxi driver should give only for the right to work here. Therefore, usually designated taxi ranks are clearly divided between "their", and if, for example, the building Manager of your residential property will want to give you a lift in his car – a taxi driver waiting for a customer near your property will complain to the boss, and your landlord will get in trouble.

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