Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas)

The old town of St. Vlas - a cozy central square with a fountain, and a large shopping street. On this street, and focuses all the night life - besides the small shops there are many cafes and restaurants.

New St. Vlas - a resort area, where there are apartment complexes. Holiday in St. Vlas - mostly family. Therefore, there are many playgrounds, grocery shops and tents. The new part is the residence of the local oligarchs Dinevi, so the safety is keenly watched numerous guards. Surveillance cameras here very much, so the impact of any "trouble" will be quickly eliminated.

With the neighboring resorts of Sunny Beach and Nessebar St. Vlas historic bus service connects. Buses run every 20-30 minutes. If necessary, more distant trips, you can use the bus station in Sunny Beach.

The range of shops are determined by demand. In the new part of the resort is mainly food (including vegetables) shops in the old part - summer clothes shops, Bulgarian souvenirs. Also, there are several internet cafes, car rental, sightseeing venues.

Restaurant on the high street offer good food at very reasonable prices. Restaurants at the marina are considered a class above - are eating more refined and higher prices. However, in any case they are not higher than in Moscow. Family dining is best done in the cafe at the hotel complexes - here you can find good food, including for children, at adequate prices.

From entertainment in Sveti Vlas - theatrical performances in the outdoor theater "Arena", and children's disco three times a week. Lovers of outdoor activities and noisy companies - a direct path to the nearby Sunny Beach. Sveti Vlas - a place of a family vacation. Hotel complexes are naturally divided into the Russian-speaking, polskogovoryaschie and complexes where they live, including Bulgarians. Language barriers, in one of the hotel complex, simply nowhere to be. Many guests come here for the summer, so there reigns almost homely atmosphere where everyone knows each other.


Sveti Vlas is on a strip of land between the pine forest and the sea. So that the local air - a mixture of forest air with a fresh breath of the sea (it is fresh and not any smell of rotting seaweed).


Mosquites is not here. Flies are rare, even in the trash. So no night's rest or lunch insects will not be disturbed.

Because really unpleasant - there are centipedes or skolopendry. Ghoulish creatures. They are usually afraid of people, and caught off guard trying to escape, but to kind of really nasty. Running around quickly killed any hard object.

The probability of finding a creation independent of the floor where you live.

If you come across this - be sure to tell the hotel manager, he will cause sanitation.

Incidentally, the flycatcher (or home centipede) catch harmful insects, so in spite of the repulsive type - insect useful. As experts say - in Bulgaria, they are not so poisonous that could cause serious harm, although their bites on the skin can be redness and other allergic reactions.

Public transport - around the city, a trip to the neighboring town, bus station

Shops - food and pomtovarnye, shopping street

Food - cafes and restaurants

Entertainment in St. Vlas for adults and children

The history of the town - ancient and modern

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