Shopping in Sveti Vlas

Food shop

Food tents are scattered throughout the tourist area. If you need a light snack – in the form of ready – made sandwiches, tea or sweets to it, a little fruit, a bottle of beer or wine-most likely the tent will be near your hotel.

Someone who lives in St.Vlas for a long time, came a large company and purchased thoroughly – will have to walk to the streets of car Simeon. It is a shopping street, departing from the main square of the city. There are several supermarkets with a wide range of products and the lowest prices in the city.

There is also a supermarket above the Marina – above the complex "arena". It is called"arena". The range in it is quite good, the prices are lower than in tents, but higher than on Tsar Simeon.

Clothing and footwear

In St.Vlas there are good shops with good collections of clothes and shoes. Mostly it is clothing for a summer vacation. Frankly, what you can go to still need to look, but sometimes there are very good specimens. In particular, there are inexpensive clothes for children, which looks good, and in which it is not a pity to get dirty.

Walk down the street car Simeon-try on, and be sure to find what you are looking for.

Mobile communication

Several tents with mobile phones is located at Tsar Simeon street, close to mermaid street. In addition to the mobile phones and charging them, there are SIM cards with a tariff for cheap calls to Russia.

Household goods

The best hardware store is located on the main square – the corner building between the restaurants with the sign "Gelateria". Here you will find varnishes, paint, brushes, insect repellents, oilcloths, and other trifles for those who decided to make minor repairs.

If you are interested in household stuff to fix clothes: threads, fabrics, buttons – go from the main square on the street opposite the king Simeon – it departs from the bus stop. (I don't write the title because you're unlikely to see it.) On this small street you will find shops, which are mostly used by locals and where you will find everything for the economy.

Large commercial shopping

If you need a sink, shower cubicle and other items for a small repair – in St.Vlas you do not need shops. The closest is "Magic House" near the beach.

Unfortunately, such a trip takes too much time by public transport, because buses to Ravda run every hour. It is best to go to it from the station in Sunny beach.

Or you can try to persuade the taxi driver for 10 leva without a counter.

If you make a major purchase in Magic House – you can immediately deliver it for 40-50 leva. Is the price of delivery and denunciation bought to the apartment.


The main pharmacy in St.Vlas located in the street of Sveti Vlas, and also in large supermarkets.

The drugs that you are treated at home, there may not be, so it is better to call the disease from which you want to get rid of. Local pharmacists know at least the names of the symptoms in English.

But it is even better to first call the doctor. According to your medical policy, which you were required to apply for a visa, you get a free doctor's call. The doctor arrives within half an hour, he not only put you in the correct diagnosis, but also write out a prescription for specific drugs that will be in the local pharmacy.

Some doctors can give you medicine for free. But if you were given a prescription with the signature and seal of a doctor – take an account in the pharmacy, in addition to the receipt of goods, then arriving home you will be able to receive from your insurance company reimbursement of the amounts spent by you on drugs.

Sveti Vlas
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