Travel to Bulgaria

To come to Bulgaria need to pass 2 steps:

  1. Find accommodation - book a hotel, apartments ...
  2. Buy tickets or rail, or to issue a green card to travel by car.

How to find a hotel or apartment in Saint Vlas

The hotel is different from the apartment only by the reception desk on the ground floor and paid for food in the dining room. The apartments, in contrast to the hotel, there is a kitchen where you can prepare your own meals.

When choosing a property should not be trusted with colorful photos - recently began to appear Sveti Vlas hotel set on the "point construction": it is T- or U-shaped building with a large swimming pool at the bottom, where one side of the yard ... right out into the street. Feeling as if the lights up on the sidewalk. After you select the hotel best to consult a map to find the right hotel and see what is next.

The easiest way to find the hotel through a travel agency - you pick the appropriate option, you pay the money, you bought the tickets, travel, and even apply for the visa. But you can try to find a hotel in Sveti Vlas hotel through the website - there often appear very attractive offers. In addition, the site can immediately see the location on a map, see a few pictures from different angles.

Purchase tickets

Flights profitable to buy through a travel agency: they book charter flights, and the price for their tickets lower than the "standard" for regular flights. However, on the websites of ticket sales can sometimes find cheaper tickets. You can try to change the date of departure - this can also result in significant savings.

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