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The first line, the second, third

The first line in Sveti Vlas is very peculiar: due to the geographical features are not so many places from which you can go directly to the beach. Even if the hotel is on the map in the "first line", in fact, that would get to the beach will have to come down from the mountains.


Directly on the beach out complex "Arena". Resting in it, you can let the children alone - no roads to car traffic it will not have to cross. The complex is quite large, and most of the rooms facing the courtyard - it can be as a way out of the pool and access to the garden through which the path to the beach.

"Arena" - is the best complex is really on the front line.


On the first line, but on the hill are "Monastery" and "Monastery 2". Two complexes are in the neighborhood, both are U-shaped building, which is located inside large cozy courtyards. Unlike many other hotels, where the courtyard - it's only swimming pool with an area for sun beds in "Manastir" really big yards, with a green area.

The rooms facing the courtyard overlooking the sea, only the beach is not visible, because complexes built on a hill. To get to the beach you can go down the stairs.

In addition to the pool bar, there is a full cafe-restaurant with good food and a sufficient number of seats that would accommodate everyone.

Recommended for families with children lovers of sea view.

"Dolce Vita"

The complex "Dolce Vita" is located to the right - it is three rows of five-storey buildings, between which there is a place except for parking lots and walkways. On the bottom floor is a fairly large swimming pool and a cafe.
"Dolce Vita 2" - a modern complex with a decorative courtyard. In the courtyard a pleasure to watch, it looks pretty stylish, but walking on it is not very convenient because of the strong inclines. However, for children such relief, as well as the ability to run on the open stairs - is an added pleasure.

On the landing overlooking the sea there is a small pool, and the restaurant is on the top floor.

"Tryavna beach" and "Sun Coast"

Complexes "Tryavna beach" and "Sun Coast" although they can boast sea views, but are in the suburbs, which would get them to the beach you need to overcome quite a long descent. However, many parents appreciate it as a plus.

The complex is quite large courtyard with green areas for children to play. A restaurant is on the lower floor.
Complex "Etar" is located in a kind of ravine, and although it is on the "front line" - Sea View rooms boast a little. "Etar" is located between two beaches - a little from the "Garden of Eden" and lots of "Arena".

"Garden of Eden"

"Garden of Eden" - a huge (by local standards) complex, located on different levels. There are the apartments facing directly onto the beach, and the apartment watching the sea from a height.

The complex is actually outside the city limits, so the beach is not "passers" - through it will not walk people from other hotels.

The advantages include a huge green area with swimming pools, a large number of cozy courtyards where children are definitely not be bored! To the beach leads no stairs and elevators!

Almost every pool bars, and on the top floor is a large dining room with plenty of seating. You can pre-order your food, and you will not have problems with where to have breakfast or lunch. For those who want to cook yourself - runs a grocery store. On the territory has its own tour desk and a doctor's office.

To the left of Marina Dinevi

On the left side of Marina Dinevi located on the first line, "Vega Village" and "Bademite". Due to the terrain they are above the beach level, but from each you can go to the beach without crossing the beaten track.

Half of the rooms in the sea in "Vega Village" look at the road the road on which day and night ride marina visitors in the complex has a cafe, there is a shop.

"Bademite" - complex with a large courtyard and green area. On the beach down a few tracks. From the point of view of accessibility the beach and views of the sea - it is an excellent choice.

Next set of "Panorama" although formally located on the first line, but it is separated from the beach passing the road, although it leads to a dead end, but the beach behind it is not so well boagoustroen.

But the following hotels "Sun Palace" and "Iris" go already on the right at the next beach. They can boast a green area, but they are comfortable with convenient access to the beach.

"Mistral" The complex is used for children's activities, so we skip it, though a complete first line with a large beach.

The last complex on the "full" the first line - "Prima Sol Sineva Beach". Large green areas, a large pool with sun-bathing area, a wide beach and sea views from half of the rooms - all the conditions for a perfect holiday at sea.

The second and third lines

The second and third of the I line in Saint Vlas - a new tourist areas located below the main city road. Between them there are domestic public road. There are small shops, small cafes, but the buildings here for more chaotic, and every time you need to look at a map when booking. Because advertising photos the hotel may look fine, but next to the hotel may not be the place, and immediately start the neighboring hotel complex.

Large private green areas can boast of "Diamond" and "Riviera", located just behind the two-story marina "Marina Dinevi" complex. Due to the natural elevation, almost nothing is blocking their view of the sea.

In fact, they overlook the sea. The large swimming pool, games for children, bars and cafes and the proximity of the shopping streets - it attracts families with children.

From systems with a large internal green area and good infrastructure is worth noting, "Lazur", "Yuzhen Bryag" and "Vatermil".

Generally, in Sveti Vlas, a lot of complexes, the interior of which is made with a great imagination. Fans can swim to recommend "Street Dreams" in the pool with the Length of the swimming pool. For children good "Apart Hotel Royal Palm" with a fenced yard, a playground and two swimming pools, which remain in the sun, even at night!

Closed city for recreation

For those who are not special requirements for appearance of hotel complexes, but who are important green area, good infrastructure and fenced area - we recommend to pay attention to the complex "Fort Knox".

The disadvantage of the complex is that it is located away from the city (between St. Vlas and Elenite) and reach the city by foot difficult. But, except for public bus from St. Vlas, Sunny Beach and Nessebar from even for hotel guests go their own bus in the "Fort Knox".

"Fort Knox" - is a small town, with the only difference that it does not go to the car, and random people. Security passes to the territory only with a pass.

Another drawback - quite uncomfortable unequipped beach. Its own private beach yet. But the right and the left there are two good beach, go somewhere and vacationers from neighboring complexes.

And the territory is as much as 7 swimming pools (combined with a separate pool for children), it is full of places where you can walk. Children, coming here in the summer, usually immediately find their company like, since there from whom to choose, and enjoy spending time in the open air without any gadgets.

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