Nessebar - divided into "old" historic city is listed by UNESCO World Heritage Site and the "new" city. The old town is on a peninsula, the new - on the mainland.

The old town is convenient to take the bus. The final stop is located just in front of the main entrance. bus №8 walks From St. Vlas (earlier walked and №5 in 2014). Schedule just remember - the bus leaves at 00 and 30 minutes past the hour from Elenite (in the direction of Nessebar), and also departs from Nessebar.
Travel time - about 30 minutes. Cost - 2.20.

From Sunny Beach can be reached by bus №1 - runs every 15 minutes, fare -. 1 Lev.

From Burgas - №10 and №11 - run every 40 minutes, fare - 6 Lev.

Old Nessebar

Nessebar - an ancient city, known since the days of ancient Greece. Accordingly, in the city were built Orthodox churches, which during the Turkish rule turned into a mosque, and only after the liberation of Bulgaria, by the way, with the help of the Russian army (see. Film "Turkish Gambit") temples began to recover gradually.

By the way, under the Turkish yoke, Bulgaria was for 5 centuries until 1878, when as a result of the bloody war it is not freed Russian troops. Thanks the Bulgarian people was so strong that even during World War II, when Bulgaria was forced to go on strontium Nazi Germany, the Bulgarian king put the condition that Bulgaria will not fight against Russia and the USSR.

Today, the old town has one active Orthodox church. Benches in it - not the influence of Catholicism, and the legacy of the socialist era, when the church came only older people who were difficult to stand for long periods.

Nessebar architecture is very peculiar - a two-storey house, the first floor where the stone, and the second - a wooden one. Even modern buildings are styled antique.

The city survived several historical ruins. Fans can purchase souvenirs handmade lace.

Where to eat in Nessebar

In Nessebar, a tourist center, many restaurants. They are located in parts of the sea-facing - both right and left of the main entrance.

Prepare delicious, that's just the fish to cook almost never able to, though, and the menu is full of fish dishes.

There in Nessebar and wine shop, including tasting rooms.

For children

In the old town for children there is a golf driving on electric vehicles.

And in the new town, near the peninsula is a mini water park. "Mini" is called because its water attractions designed only for children.

In order to get around the whole city is enough 2-3 hours. Nessebar can take a boat trip to the nearest Sunny Beach, or take a ride on the mini-small train along the highway.

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