Real Estate in Saint Vlas

The period of rapid construction in Sveti Vlas fell to pre-crisis and crisis years. Almost the entire territory of the new city was built. But the legacy of the global financial crisis in Sveti Vlas were several objects protracted. Many of them still take a finished look, but some are in an unfinished state since 2008 (yes, it's already 7 years old).

In 2015 in St. Vlas almost no possibility to buy something "in the construction phase." Phase "under construction" can be purchased only if you yourself come and see what the facility is really conducted any work; otherwise, no one can say when the investor will have money.

Financial concept construction in Sveti Vlas was simple: an investor is building a hotel complex and apartments are selling it to private individuals. On the collected funds to build new facilities, and so on. Very effective scheme for the fast turnaround, especially since formal contracts entered into only half the amount, and the second part of the investors receive cash.

Secondary housing market

Secondary housing market - a good number of properties, many of which no more than 10 years. Here you can find very attractive offers from private owners. In the rich pre-crisis years, many considered property in Bulgaria as a profitable investment, and apartments are dispersed like hotcakes. Then, for many owners is a difficult time, and much of the purchased was sold off.

Sell ​​a property in St. Vlas both through the main (and only) agency "Laguna" and privately - posting ads in the windows. If you have enough time - you can wait for really advantageous tender or to come and personally interact with control systems - if someone is selling his apartment.

If you buy property for themselves - the undoubted advantage of St. Vlas is that a new city has been built here, and if you are important landscape from the window or the view of the sea, you can be sure - no one to occlude.

Travel for Real Estate

For those who want to buy property in Bulgaria organized study tours in which you provezut several properties that are fulfill your requests. If you choose this tour you need to remember that you are sending a particular firm, that shows only "their" objects. Therefore it is better to bypass several companies offering such services, and to learn from them the contact numbers of their Bulgarian partners. And then in Bulgaria to negotiate with different agencies to inspect the property on different days. So in one trip you reach the maximum number of proposals.

Please taking off - in Bulgaria in total area includes not only the area of ​​housing, but also the general purpose area (staircases, corridors, elevators).

Advance is to find out more about all the available offers. Because prices for optimistic "from ..." is usually hidden price rooms with a view of the parking lot on the ground floor, and the floor price for a room higher up and the best view will be significantly different from the price "by ...".

When you are offered a "free" tour - in fact, he is not free. You pay for everything - for the tickets, and lodging, but in the case of purchase you return airfare few (just a few, but not all) days of residence.

Real estate Registration

Registration is carried out in several stages.

First, you sign a preliminary contract. For him to take you around 3% of the total transaction amount. This non-refundable deposit. If the transaction frustrate the fault of the seller - you will return this amount and pay over the same penalty if the deal frustrate your fault - your money will remain with the seller.

Then, within 1-2 weeks you will have to pay half of the amount to the account of the seller. And the remaining portion paid more for a month. Details of the transaction the seller will tell you.
In short, you will want to come again to that sign all documents and get your hands on the documents on the ownership of real estate in Bulgaria.

Сost of ownership

If you buy a property in the hotel complex - you will have to pay 500 euros every year for the "service", as well as real estate tax (less than 100 Euro).

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