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As such hotel in Sveti Vlas is very small. St. Vlas - apartments this resort, ie Each room has a small kitchen where you can prepare your own meals. By "hotel complex" shall mean a complex of apartments.

So hotels - this is usually a few buildings, united by one territory (one enclosed by a fence). The territory of the complex can be enclosed, and if it is impossible to pass a stranger, or a fence can be purely decorative - for example if there is a road through the complex to the sea.

Unlike neighboring Sunny Beach and Elenite, hotels in Sveti Vlas - stylish buildings, united by a common architectural design. Near each has a swimming pool (can be either a deep high-grade, and a children's paddling pool). Almost every complex has its own café where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner; with it, and the menu for breakfast and dinner will be different. In any case, if you do not like the food - you can always eat elsewhere. In the cafe you can pass on any territory.

When choosing a hotel is to clarify - if there is a fenced area. Strictly fenced hotel complexes is not so much. But in any case, the duty of the complex usually sees to it that would be enough places by the pool "their". Many hotels in Sveti Vlas prohibit unauthorized use of their swimming pool. Of course, guests can invite anyone to relax together, but just come from the street is usually impossible, even if the area is not fenced.

For example, through the hotel complex "Dolce Vita 2", which gave the apartment, Dmitry Krylov (for the report of Sveti Vlas) is a road to the sea in a complex located above. But flaunts sign "residents only" pool.

Do not choose the hotel for photos - many hotels have virtually no territory: the whole yard pool covers, and more for the band immediately goes bush Street. And vice versa - there are systems like "Windmill", "Bells", "Etar", "Arena" - where the cozy courtyard is surrounded on all sides by other buildings.

Hotel "All Inclusive" in Sveti Vlas no. If you are interested in a vacation - look for a hotel in the nearby Elenite. There really is - there is a large hotel complex on the outskirts, a beach he is quite small, but it does have its own water park there "all inclusive".

In Sveti Vlas 3 meals included only in complex "Garden of Eden" - is a huge multi-level hotel complex with several swimming pools, a variety of cafés, and a large administration (reception) at the entrance. In the "Garden of Eden" and has its office tours, and even a first-aid post. The only negative - a small beach and the location: The complex is located on the outskirts of the city, and the nearest bus stop to go about 5 minutes.

How much does a hotel in Sveti Vlas

The cost of apartments near the sea - from 30 to 50 Euros. Some laws in determining prices is not: it depends on the occupancy of hotel rooms and the owners wishes. Some people rent out their rooms and 25 in other places, when few rooms available - the price goes up to 60.

On the site you can find apartments and 15 - but it is likely to be one large room quite far from the sea. And you will have to negotiate with the owner personally.

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