The history of St. Vlas

The first settlement founded by the Greeks in the II century AD, under the name Larissa.

In the XIV century the name changed to St. Vlas, on the name of the monastery located here. With the capture of these lands by the Turks, the monastery was destroyed, and the city was renamed simply "The Monastery". Finally, in 1886, returned to the village the name "Saint Vlas".

In 1963 there was founded the marine climatic health resort, which has gone and the development of the area as a resort. Here there are large resorts, including children.

February 2, 2006 Saint Vlas received city rights.

In recent years, the city unfolded active construction on the vacant territories. If you look at the map - it is clear that along the coast, some distance from the sea, road passes. The historic town is not on the coast, and on the road. Thus the strip along the beach has long remained undeveloped. Thus, the resorts down to the sea.

Currently, construction is almost finished - the city is ready for the holidays.

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