Accommodations in Sveti Vlas

Sveti Vlas is divided into "old" and "new" part.

The "new" part - this hotel and apartments, built in the last 10 years (the active construction was conducted from 2005 to 2010). This area is a comfortable holiday by the sea. As such, the division on the "first", "second", "third" line is not here - all the complexes are almost at the same distance.

Because of the terrain - in Sveti Vlas are not many places where the house is physically possible to put the beach, in the main complex located on a rise. In the "new" part of the shops for tourists - mostly food and everyday products. Dear cafes and restaurants can be found in front of the pier.

Tourists are offered accommodation, mostly apartments - 1-2 rooms with kitchen. As such, hotels - with the administration on the ground floor, a common dining room, etc. very little.

"New" part of the "old" separates a coastal highway.

The "old" part - the one where they live, not only tourists but also locals. There is a shopping street, public buildings (including banks and post office), and numerous pubs. As befits the "old" part of it is built on a hill - Sea house here go much further than that of the "resort" part, but the prices for the rooms here are much lower.

The property

Sveti Vlas - mostly already built resort. Unimproved space here is almost gone, and the real estate market is mainly secondary. Due to the crisis, many property owners are forced to sell it, and there are very attractive offers in Sveti Vlas.

Advantages of real estate in Sveti Vlas that the "new" part is quite young - no facilities and 10 years, and at the same time, no one will close your existing landscape.


Sveti Vlas - the residence of the local oligarchs Dinevi. Therefore, the city has many conservation - it is not evident, but in case of need will always be there.

Hotels and apartments - what to choose, how much it costs, what to look for

The first, second, third line - the different locations

Real Estate - which offers on the market, where better to buy

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