Where to eat in Sveti Vlas

The biggest bars are located in the central square.

Some overlook the street Tsar Simeon.

In many residential complexes also have their own bars and restaurants, usually located near the pool.

The most "prestigious" restaurants are in the marina.


Bulgaria is famous for its wines, but to find a decent sample is not so easy in St. Vlas stores. The principle of "the more - the better" does not work here. The wine for 10 Lev can be tastier than 40.

Average prices for a bottle of wine: 10-20 Lev. There are wine and 30, there is a "Sword kryv" 2.50 (with it the taste of wine for two and a half left quite normal).

If you really want to drink quality wine - your way is in the shop at the factory in Pomorie. Taxi drivers know where it is located - is very close to the highway to Burgas. That's only urban transportation does not go there.

The store is best to choose a bottle with "medals" - wines that took some space on the winemakers competitions. For a large company or a long vacation, you can buy wine in cans.

By the way, many local people are being driven his homemade wine. Perhaps the employees of your hotel can also bring something.

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