Burgas - one of the largest cities in Bulgaria. It is home to more than 200 thousand people (7 millionths of Bulgaria).

The city is very green, along the sea stretches a beautiful marine park, with a lot of really cozy alleys, interesting monuments to outstanding personalities. And the rest of the city is literally surrounded by greenery. Here are preserved old streets with beautiful two-story houses. The modern part - it's just mostly 5-6 storey houses on the green streets.

Get dor Bourgas by bus from Sunny Beach. The bus goes about 40 minutes, fare - 6 Lev.

Arriving bus at the bus station located next to the train. Before the train came here from Moscow, but the outbreak of war in the Ukraine railway communication with Russia is no more. However, if you want to go, for example, in Sofia, it is better to do it on the train - it's only 4 hours in a fairly comfortable environment.
From the station square departs the central street of Bourgas, which runs through the city center to the Alyosha monument ( "Alyosha" - the collective name of the Soviet liberators).

On the main street there are many shops and many restaurants. To distinguish the good from the restaurant fast food can be the difference on the cost of the main course and a beer. In a good restaurant beer it is quite expensive, but the main dishes - pretty cheap: it is made, that would scare away casual visitors who come just for that would be to miss a glass of two.

Prepare well in Burgas And if you want to eat in a large company - would be cheaper to specifically come to Burgas for lunch.

For shopping, you can take a ride in the large shopping centers, but that would just buy something to remember - just shops on the main street.

To the left of the main street (if you walk from the station) is the modern part of the city, on the right - a large marine park, which stretches over a long public beach.

When the sea drizzle drizzling rain and the weather is cool, or you just burned in the sun - is to come in Burgas, which would spend a half a day, and maybe the whole day.

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