Purchase tickets to Bulgaria

The nearest airport is located near Bourgas. From there to St. Vlas can be reached in just 40 minutes by car or about an hour by bus (with one change).

Tourists flying to Bulgaria usually charter flights, the flight which is usually carried out from Friday to Monday. The easiest way to apply for tickets to the travel agency, which has its own charter flights to Bulgaria. Somewhat more complicated to book tickets on their own through the Internet.

Selection of flight

For running, I recommend to opt for a morning flight departure on Saturday evening or on Friday. A reverse - on Sunday afternoon.

When buying a ticket is better to visit a few websites providing services in their search: definitely say where the tickets are cheaper in the summer - it is impossible.

Comparing the prices see also booking conditions - often the order of the system take a commission of which you become aware only at the final stage of the booking.

Just read the ticket return policy. Some reservation systems generally do not return: could not fly - the money disappeared. And even in the case of flight cancellation (as it happens) - you can only change the already paid ticket to another. It is also worth knowing that your flight, especially if it is a charter flight can be transferred to another time (earlier or later).

You really need to fly, and no tickets

If you really need to fly, and there are no tickets - you can get tickets to Varna, and then get on the bus. In this case, you will have two transplants instead of one, and the road will be an hour longer.

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