Aqua Park in Sunny Beach «Action Park»

Aqua Park in Sunny Beach is called ActionPark. It is divided into thematic areas: for the little ones, for older children and adults.
For the little ones - 40-80 cm depth pools, water slides and space for climbing.

For older children - a complex of water slides: a town with winding weaves, doused with water from a variety of places. This complex may be used by adults, that would wander through multi-level transitions and slide down from the hills with their children.

Another set of slides - for those who are older: slides for the descent on inflatable circles (together or singly) and independent descent from a height, including the intertwining paths. The only caveat - the growth is going down should be greater than 130 cm.

Finally, for the most fearless - a complex of water slides, abseiling from which originates at a great height. Even climb the stairs to get scary. There are 4 slides: sheer, say, two-level and closed. The injection of adrenaline you provided.

For lovers of calm water fun - a special river, for which the wheeling inflatable wheels, on which you can comfortably get through the whole park. The route depends only on you, there are several places for the descent and landing, and end the tour at any time. And if you want - you can endlessly spinning.

Where to eat

In the water park there are several bars, offering a cocktails, refreshing drinks and light the alcohol, and restaurants where you can dine fully, there is a fast food hamburger and pizza (the complex is 8 Lev).

There are also some kiosks with ice cream, but here you can buy sunscreen, inflatable devices, and other trifles necessary in the pool.

Getting there

The water park is most easily reached by free buses. There are three lines - red, yellow and blue, passing through various routes: running in Saint Vlas, Sunny Beach and Nessebar. Marked stop posters advertising the water park. In addition, there are often staffed by park employees with promotional materials in which you can get more information.

Buses leave every 15 minutes.

How much is

The ticket is sold without regard to time.

Adults - BGN 30, children and pensioners - 16 Lev, for children up to 3 years - free of charge.

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