Sveti Vlas (Bulgaria)

Sveti Vlas - resort city on the Black Sea coast. It located in a cozy cove on one side of which is located in Saint Vlas, on the other - Nessebar, and between them - the resort of Sunny Beach.

Sveti Vlas is developing as a city apartment. Due to this, in the residential complexes are never 100% the populations of - in fact all the property owners have a rest at different times.

This is not a lively resort, but a place for a romantic or family holiday. In the evenings, the music does not screaming from the cafe in the morning, no need to run to take a place under the sun. And if you want the active leisure - 15 minutes (and half Euros) city bus will take you to the Sunny Beach.

The city is located on the strip between sea and forest, making it surprisingly clean in the air.

In 1963 the "Sveti Vlas" declared a climatic sea resort.

February 2, 2006 Saint Vlas received city rights.

Sveti Vlas is connected with nearby cities - Sunny Beach and Nessebar direct bus service. See. transport.html.


Sveti Vlas - a city for a relaxing family holiday. Since there is generally located high-class apartments, and the level of tourists is higher than, for example, in Sunny Beach. For example, for wealthy clients in Sveti Vlas is a marina.

For children, the summer entertainment program in residential complexes Arena and Triumph.

In addition, at night, for the children several times a week arranged presentation in an amphitheater at the apartment complex Arena.

In the neighboring Nessebar and Sunny Beach has water parks, to that of St. Vlas every 15-30 minutes walk Free shuttle buses. (See. Aqua Park in Sunny Beach.)

The main highlight - the yacht port Marina Dinevi.


Sveti Vlas - a resort for respectable clients, here are the apartments of many Bulgarian officials. In addition, it stops here and the owners of luxury yachts. Finally, in Sveti Vlas villa is known businessmen, developers Dinevi. Therefore, much attention is paid to safety.

Although the police on the streets to be seen, but almost everywhere installed security cameras. The city has its own security service that provides discreet tracking procedure. And in the evening and night security patrols. In contrast to Sunny Beach, Sveti Vlas no random loitering tourists. You can not fear for their safety and that of their children.

The only thing you can threaten - fall under the luxury car that sometimes chase through the streets of the city.

The property

Sveti Vlas - a city apartment complexes, most of which are sold to private individuals. This is not just an investment in real estate, which in this region is stable expensive, it is also an opportunity to come to the Black Sea in the "my home" at any time, without worrying about your hotel and restaurant costs.

Choose a suitable property in Sveti Vlas will help a real estate agency located here, working directly from the developer, as well as numerous small agency, has a large base of various developers in the region.

Map of Saint Vlas

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